appsNmobile Launches Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS)

The VPOS (Virtual Point of Sale) from appsNmobile Solutions is a USSD enabled application that our merchants can use to receive mobile money payments from their customers for goods and services.

Merchants using the VPOS have access to portals to view their collections from their various collection points (several shops at different locations) in real time. The unique feature includes the ability of managers and business owners to access reports on the go even when there is no data connectivity.

The flexibility and reliability of the solution makes it work seamlessly across various sectors such as churches, schools, mini marts, shops, restaurants, filling station pumps & marts, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, spare parts dealers, distributors and wholesalers.

It is being used to sell theatre tickets, to receive donations for several causes, for church offerings, to receive payment of school fees and all manner of payments.

How it works;

  1. A merchant is assigned a short code (*447*6010#)
  2. Customers dial this code to pay for the services and products received
  3. Funds are settled into Merchant’s bank account or Mobile Money Wallet
  4. Merchant see all collections in real time from the provided back end portal and notification messages to a dedicated phone
  5. It is that simple, get the VPOS in less than 10 minutes.

With the Virtual POS, you can receive payments with ease. Sign up here 

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