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A Unique Marketplace

Trickles is a unique marketplace with products from over 15 reputable retailers and vendors in Ghana. Trickles offers shoppers payments terms spread up to 12 months. Shoppers on the app have options to make instalment payments over the period of time offered by the merchant. They can only redeem their purchases after they have completed payments.
  • Marketplace for buying variety of goods
  • Payment options include cash, layaway, financing
  • Ability to send shopping vouchers to friends & family

Payment options on Trickles include:

  • Outright payment: Customer can make instant payment in full for product(s) upon checkout, using mobile money or card (i.e. MasterCard or Visa).
  • Instalment payment: Customer can lay by products and pay in bit over a defined period of time. Product is released to customer upon successful completion of full payment within the stipulated period.
  • Product financing: Customer has the choice of selecting a preferred financing institution to pre-finance the outright purchase of the product.

Trickles is targeted at:

  • Informal sector
  • General public